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Marvin Durot
Marvin Durot
Fullstack web developer

Hello, I’m Marvin ๐Ÿ‘‹ #

I am a french developper who loves open source projects. Currently I’m working on a low code product for a company called Elipce Solutions.

The essence of my job is to produce code that’s readable, scalable and easy to maintain, so that the product lifecycle is reliable and meets customer needs. This also involves making coherent and appropriate technical choices (framework, architecture, design patterns, etc.).

This complex task needs a pro-active approach based on refactoring, constant technology watch and continuous improvement of tools and processes, enabling us to work as a team efficiently and in good spirits. I think communication is at the heart of our job.

When I have free time, I play the adventurer: climbing on ice or visiting dark caves doesn’t scare me any more than discovering a new development framework. I like to give rhythm to my projects, just as I enjoy percussion and crafted beers between two lines of code.

I created this blog to keep track of my experiences and share my discoveries with the community. This site contains no advertising, just my own creations and thoughts.

For more information, contact me by email. You can also find me on social networks such as Twitter, Github, Likedin or Reddit.