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My First Post

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Marvin Durot
Marvin Durot
Fullstack web developer

Hello reader 🤟 #

If you’ve found yourself on this brand-new blog, it’s probably because you’ve lost your way on the Internet. This article is the first in a long list of topics that interest me. I’ll be writing about web development, of course, but not exclusively.

If, like me and so many other developers, you once learned a programming language, you must have coded your first test with a message like this: “Hello World”.

Did you know that this test was popularized in the 70s?

In fact, it’s in the reference book The C Programming by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie that we find this sentence. It’s the first example in the book, written without a capital letter or period.

Although this test may seem elementary, it’s not at all so when it comes to testing the integration of different Web technologies together. With the growing complexity of the Web ecosystem, a simple “Hello world” is no longer as straightforward as it was. Just imagine a ReactJS application in a containerized environment which makes a server-side rendering…

So this article is my first hello world for this blog stack.

The blog is generated by a static CMS called Hugo and deployed on Github Pages via a Github workflow.

See more #

My next article will explain how to implement the workflow on Github and how Hugo works.